Top 5 payment gateway list that you must know cheap

Payment Gateway List

Top 5 payment gateway list that you must know

Top 5 payment gateway list that you must know cheap:-The application that payment service provider uses to process payments or online purchases that originates on a merchant website, acting as an interface medium between a bank that processes your payments and the merchants’ websites.

The payment processing bank is an acquirer that access your online money on your will, either in banks linked to your account or the cashless transactions.

The gateway is generally used for many purposes but most of the time it is undoubtedly synonymous to the online credit card, which the gateway codes sensitive details of a credit card to make sure that the information is passed securely between the customer, merchants’ and the payment gateway processing banks. this is Top 5 payment gateway list that you must know

Top five payment gateway list that is affordable you must know
Top five payment gateway list that is affordable you must know

When a customer purchases or orders a product from a merchant’s website that is linked to the payment gateway, the customer’s order proceeds to the online payment and the necessary details are redirected as per customer’s will to the payment gateway from the merchant’s website to sanction the further process.

Once the transaction is successful, the payment gateway confirms same to the merchant’s website that informs you about the purchase details and these steps entirely take up to no more than 3 seconds.

Especially in respective terms of credit card and debit card payment systems, for a merchant, a payment gateway is the pinnacle choice to be able to connect to the acquiring bank directly.

And when it goes direct interaction, the payment gateway provides many customizable reporting options which help to manage their business more efficiently.

While if the merchant cannot allow few emergent payment methods, a good payment gateway offers those few and other payments throughout the interaction. The deserving small fee for all this interaction and passages to safe and secured purchase is gained by the payment gateway as well.

Familiar with the terms of PayPal, e-wallets, e-pay, Paytm, and other online bank websites many a time allow you to sell your products or advertise them either on theirs or your self-made websites helping with e-transactions, acquiring a fair amount of that transaction.

Top 5 payment gateway list that you must know

CCAvenue | Payment Gateway List

Top five payment gateway list that you must know
Top five payment gateway list that you must know

One of the oldest payment gateways in India, launched in the year 2001 supports almost every bank’s payment method with reliable and high volume e-commerce websites, is CCAvenue.

Previously with the slowest onboarding period of 15-20 days, now it claims that of advanced activation within 24 hours. CCAvenue has the support of a large number of banks and payment options including EMI from 7 banks, 100+ debit cards, 53+ net banking and much more. This is no doubt the best option for start-ups.

It charges a setup fee of Rs. 30,000 for a privilege plan whereas Nil for start-up plan and also annual transaction maintenance. But it charges a transaction fee from 1.99% ( to 2.99%) + Rs.

Citrus pay | Payment Gateway List

Top five payment gateway list that you must know
Top five payment gateway list that you must know

One of the fastest growing payment gateways launched in April 2011, managed to gain more than 800 million users and merchants. Citrus is well funded and aggressively growing company.

The no-recommendation comments for Citrus are because of the heavy documentation process. Which are lengthy and also previously due to high set up fee and deposits. However, now there are no such issues.

The annual maintenance fee is Rs. 1200 and charges transaction fee of 1.99% + Rs

Instamojo | Payment Gateway List

It is one of the favorite payment gateways of experts. It was started in 2012 offering a way to collect payments for digital good only. Now users and merchants can use it to collect payments for e-books, reports, services, merchandises, etc.

Instamojo is most preferable because of it’s no set-up and annual maintenance fee but only transaction fee of 2% + Rs. 3 with delicate onboarding and low transaction rate, it becomes a strong recommendation

PayUBiz and PayUMoney | Payment Gateway List

The established gist of both PayUBiz and PayUMoney, from PayU India enterprise in May 2017, as the independent business is germane. PayUBiz enterprises mostly to the large enterprises, whereas PayUMoney is used paramount as e-wallet solution.

.EBS | Payment Gateway List

There is no setup fee for PayUMoney but PayUBiz’s plans start from Rs. 4900 to Rs. 29000. Whereas still PayUMoney has no annual maintenance fee but PayUBiz charges Rs. 2400. The transaction fee for PayUBiz lies between 2.20% to 3.90% depending on the plans and that OD PayUMoney is just 2%.

Offering multi-currency process and decent UI provider along with a good amount of payment processing options, EBS also offers ‘Autopay’ feature. It is owned by a French company.

And also there are many amorphous reviews about EBS. However, it’s set up fee ranges from Rs. 4799 to Rs. 23,999 and the annual maintenance is just Rs. 2400. EBS charges a transaction fee of 1.25% (to 3.75% based on plan).

Top 5 payment gateway list that you must know


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