Ideas for youtube videos that will go viral in an instant

Ideas for youtube videos

Introduction – Youtube video ideas

In this article, we are going to discuss 10 ideas for making videos on youtube that will go viral in an instant.

if you are a beginner and your question is what youtube videos should I make? then you will find your answer in this article. now there are some important factors that you will have to keep in mind if you wanna grow fast.

one should focus on the quality of your content rather than the quantity. we will discuss this point later on but before that choosing, the right type of content is also important. we have listed one of the best video ideas for youtube we didn’t make a big list with hundreds of ideas to blow your mind but keep everything simple we have listed the best out of those. As we also focus on quality more than quantity.

don’t leave after just reading the list because there are many tips in their descriptions below that can help you a lot. here is the list of ideas for youtube videos.

  • Vlogs
  • how-to-videos
  • teaching videos
  • gaming videos
  • Share your perspectives about trending things
  • meme compilation video
  • List of top 10 anything
  • A day in your life
  • funny pets compilation

Why you should focus on quality and not quantity?

No matter what ideas for youtube videos you may execute It’s very or I would say most important for you to focus on quality more than quantity if you are serious about youtube.

because if you will focus on quantity more than quality you may luckily get 10,00 or 10,000 views on a video but you will not be able to gain regular users if your video does not contain anything special and unique from others.

Youtube also will not recommend your videos to others if people leave your videos in the middle because youtube wants its users to stay as much as they can.

it is very important for you to make your viewers stick to you if you want to grow very fast on youtube.

If you want to grow almost immediately on youtube promotion can help you a lot here is how to promote your channel for free.


Almost everybody who uses youtube knows about vlogs. Vlogs are currently one of the most popular types of YouTube videos it can be the best youtube video idea in 2022 for individuals. But the most difficult thing is to find your uniqueness and provide your viewers with a reason to stick with you and keep supporting you. your uniqueness can be the way you present yourself to your audience, how you talk to your audience, your tone of speaking, or something that no one has done yet and it’s unique to your channel. without uniqueness, you can not stand out from the vlogging community.

If you don’t know what are vlogs then don’t worry. In a vlog, you just share your lifestyle with others. Sorav Joshi, and Gaurav taneja are some bloggers.

below is a vlog.


peoples search almost everything on the internet from how to make interesting youtube videos to how to make a rocket at home literally everything that can cross your mind you can just answer those questions by creating how-to videos. you yourself may have searched for something similar on the internet too.

now you may need to do some SEO optimization to get your videos to be noticed by peoples and search engines youtube here is an excellent article that can help you to know what people are searching right now and what is trending.

Teaching videos

if teaching is your passion then this category is best for you peoples want to learn all sorts of things from coding to cooking and the first place that they search for learning anything is youtube you can teach anything on youtube.

but the difficult part is how to find the topics that people want to learn for that you can use tools like answer the public or google trends more information about those tools is listed in this article.

good teaching itself is a skill not many peoples have but if you can teach well then you can make a lot out of this type of content creation.

Gaming videos

Gaming can be the most enjoyable and profitable type of content to create if you think you can do good commentary and you are funny then you should absolutely choose gaming as your youtube category.

you don’t have to be a pro to make gaming videos people seek entertainment on youtube and if you can provide it then you are good to go.

you can go live whenever you play games and it is always fun when someone watches your gaming.

Share your perspectives about trending things

This can be the fastest way to grow on youtube because people just love to know what other peoples think about something or someone and if you create a video sharing your perspective on something that’s trending nowadays then you can generate a lot of profit out of that and these type of channels grow very fast

you will just have to pick up a topic that’s trending and then share your opinion.

to know what’s trending right now you can use a tool called google trends here is an article with more information about these tools.

Meme compilation video

People just love memes and if you make a compilation of good memes then people will just automatically stick. if you choose this category then you will not require any other effort than just packing every meme that you see in a single video no editing no voice-over nothing.

this type of content is watched in a great quantity so you won’t have to care about SEO or any other thing.

List of top 10 anything

this type of content just triggers everybody’s curiosity and people watch it to see who is on number one.

you can see what is trending or who is trending to get maximum views and for that, you can use google trends more information about google trends is provided in this article.

now if you are an anime lover you can create a list of the top ten strongest anime characters or anything that crosses your mind I’ve seen many channels that has this type of content grow very fast

A day in your life

People have a bad habit to peek into others’ personal life you can take advantage of this by showing them how you spend A day in your life.

this type of content is also a lot like vlogging.

you can title your videos like a day in a kid’s life, a day in an adult’s life, a day in ( whatever your profession is ), or something like that to get the maximum views.

funny pets compilation

The adorable actions of our cute pets can grab anybody’s attention after all they are cuter and more understanding than most people out there.

the good part of choosing this as content is that you can just find creative commons pet videos on youtube and post them on your channel and you will not get any copyright as well.

Things to keep in mind while uploading youtube videos

whatever content you choose but choosing the right title and thumbnail is a necessity.

people only click on videos after seeing your thumbnail so it is very important to create an attention-grabbing thumbnail and title

if you want to get views from youtube search then doing search engine optimization is a must here is a list of best free tools to search for keywords or ideas for youtube videos depending on what is trending right now on the internet

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