How You Can Make Your Productive Monday

in this article, I will tell you How You Can Make Your Monday Productive as a manager. Monday is the beginning of the entire week and with that, a lot of things start. If you are a new project manager in a company, it is more likely that you will be starting from Monday itself. So, how can you do it so that your team becomes involved with the project instantly?

Decision Making for the New Manager and Make Your Monday Productive

You have got the job with your expertise. But as a manager you will be responsible for decision making and for that you need all the help you can get. As the manager, it is obvious that you will spend most of the time in the day planning the deadlines and the project. Remember, as long as you are relying on human efforts, you might not always be successful in decision-making. But when you are getting Monday alternative software like KnowYourDay for project management, you are already a step ahead.
So, how can you plan your Monday with the right tool and your team? Take a look at the following points.

Monday Productive

Rely on Artificial Intelligence

When you are planning a project and deciding the timeline and the budget for the same, you need to depend on facts and your experience. Whilst your experience will guide you through the process, technology will help you get the relevant facts for the job. The best alternatives of the Monday project management come with the AI integration. Why is it important for your decision-making? The AI will monitor the previous projects and the resources that were used for the completion. With mapping the pattern, the tool will create an advance plan that will forecast the timeline and the budget of the project. As a new manager, you will not be able to distinguish between your most efficient resources. But the right tool can do that easily.

Scheduling Tasks for the Team and Project Monitoring

On your first day, after the meet-up is done, you will have to schedule the task as it is Monday. So, how can you do that? The project management tool will help you with that too. With the best project management software, you can not only schedule the tasks but also can monitor the progress of the project. You can get the real-time report and view of the entire project and how much progress has been made.

Identifying the Non-Productive Tasks and Make Your Monday Productive

Eliminating non-productive tasks can help you manage the project better. So, this Monday, find out what consumed more time of the employees and what distractions can be minimized. For example, holding meetings every morning can affect the workflow as your team members are more productive during the first half of the day. You can eliminate these issues whilst increasing the efficiency of the employees. For this, you can use time tracking, and time and motion studies that will help you identify the non-productive work and hours.

Addressing Pain Points

When you are monitoring the project and its progress, you obviously looking for the loopholes or the pain points that will help you understand what else you will have to change to get the maximum efficiency. You can monitor the work that was previously done on the software and try to find the pain points that affected the productivity of the team. Even if this is your first day with the team, address those pain points and measure the results.


When you are starting your journey as the team manager, you need to create a rapport with your team. You need to communicate more with the team and answer their questions. As the manager, you will feel tempted to change all the norms from Monday itself. But this cannot be done overnight. Try to get into the groove on Monday and you will get to know what things need to be changed and how you can communicate with your team about that.
So, what are you waiting for? Start your fresh new week on Monday with the best project management software and make a difference.

I hope this article will help you to know How You Can Make Your Monday Productive. and you share this article with your friends.

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