How to promote a youtube channel for free in 2022 ( Fastest way to grow)

Introduction – How to promote a youtube channel

how to promote youtube channel for free

How to promote a youtube channel?

This question is asked by almost every YouTuber. It does not matter if he is a small creator or a big one and it also makes sense.

Because if you are thinking that only uploading a quantity of quality content can grow your youtube channel then you are wrong.

A youtube channel cannot grow until it starts a big controversy, promotes itself, or collabs with big YouTubers. All of these strategies are very hard to execute.


Promotion is the fastest way to grow.

if you are thinking about promoting your channel then you are the right guy in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail how you can promote your youtube channel for absolutely free.


If you are thinking about collaboration then you cannot collab with a YouTuber until he or she is your friend or family or until he wants to or you pay him to. we will talk about how you can do it the easy way later.


if you are thinking about controversy then forget it unless you are in politics or something. Because not everyone can bear the hate that it produces and besides you cannot start one until you have at least a minimum of 10,000 regular viewers.

How to promote a youtube channel for free in 2022

There are various ways to promote a youtube channel. I’ve listed my personal favorite and fastest ways to grow on youtube. Below is the list of ways to promote a youtube channel for free in 2022

  • Youtube shorts ( viral every short)
  • Instagram reels and posts
  • Places like moj, Takata, etc.

How to promote a youtube channel using shorts

Shorts are the best way to promote anything on youtube because the possibility of a short going viral is almost a hundred times the possibility of a video going viral.

And the reason is pretty simple where one can watch only three to five long videos in an hour now, in the same amount of time he can watch more than 60 videos in an hour and shorts are very addictive too.

you are probably wondering that not every youtube shorts go viral whereas if you will pay to youtube or any other ad network he can guarantee you a fixed amount of subscribers. so how can you viral every short that you upload regarding your app or channel or whatever you are promoting. well, I”ve got your back with a secret strategy of my own.

How to make every short go viral

Well first of all there are some factors that you need to take care of.


  • shorts length should be between 20-30 seconds the shorter the short is the better. Because you need to maintain a good average view duration
  • Make sure the viewer does not get bored while watching your short and leave in between that’s so important
  • And if you want the best results then create a thumbnail for your short such that the target cant resist clicking on your short when it gets recommended this will help maintain the impression clickthrough rate
  • And always upload the same short as many times as you can
  • It is always better to upload shorts on the new channel.

How to properly upload a short

The first step is to create a separate new channel for promotion using shorts u can name it whatever you want.

create a trailer of your youtube video or channel or app and give the full video or app or channel link in the description.

and upload a bunch of shorts together sometimes your shorts get recommended to the wrong person who just leaves without completely watching or in the first place just ignores it.

If you upload five shorts together then the possibility is very very high that one of them will at least get 2k views and you will end up with at least 20 subscribers.

now after some shorts, youtube will start detecting that you are spamming or doing something wrong and it will stop recommending your shorts.

In such a case what you are going to need to do is create a new channel and start spamming there and delete the previous channel as it’s no longer of any use.

here is How to delete a youtube channel

Proof of the above-listed strategy – What I did

I wanted to earn from youtube shorts using link shortening here is how you can do it too

How to earn money online without investment – link shortening

I created a new channel where I used to upload family guy shorts and provide full episode links in the description and I got hundreds of visits on my link and 2k+ view on my shorts at first but after some time it stopped getting views then I created a new channel again and the same happened with it.

and you won’t believe what type of video I got 1k+ views

here is the video

and that video is kind of proof of my strategy that on new channels every kind of short can be viral.

how to collab with big YouTubers

having a collaboration is kinda hard but if you can get one from a big YouTuber then it’s like a gold mine of subscribers.

but there is an easy way to it

it’s almost impossible that you can get a big YouTuber to collab with you unless and until he or she is a friend or a family to you.

so, what you can do is find a channel that lies in the same category as you not a big one but one that is growing at a fast rate there are many lucky guys out there that grows almost instantly on youtube get those guys to be friend with you

making a YouTuber friend that’s currently in a growing stage is very easy it does not matter if they are growing very fast peoples are just soft at the beginning of their journey to any career and besides he would not want to break the heart of his subscriber ( you ) while he is growing

once you make him your friend just ask him to help you grow on youtube by collaboration

if you see, now there is a better chance of him allowing you to collab with him rather than when you were a stranger to him.

now the question arises of how to find such lucky guys

well that is quite hard but still, if you want to do it then you need to keep an eye on the things mentioned below.

whenever you binge watch on youtube, especially shorts keep an eye on the channel name and its subscribers if it has low subscribers and youtube is recommending it again and again then you have found it.

do not try to befriend those who promote their channel by ads.

They are just not the type. they won’t allow you to collab with them. unless you are very skilled at communication.

If you have any doubts about the strategies comment below this post and I will reply within a day.

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