How to Earn Money on YouTube Without AdSense?

In this article, I will tell you many ways to earn money from youtube that will help you to build your career in this field.

How to Earn Money from YouTube?

How to Earn Money from YouTube Without AdSense?

Today’s generation is more focused on online earning than on other professions; they choose to work online and satisfy their financial expenses. Stepping in they hear words like “Make a Youtube Channel To Start Earning” and when they make a channel they hear “You must be approved from AdSense to Earn Money. It is obvious that when everyone is focused on making money online, earning money from YouTube will undoubtedly jump to mind because the majority of people believe that youtube can only be profitable for monetized channels. But it’s wrong.

The topic of today’s post is How to Earn Money from YouTube?We’ll go through all of the strategies that will help you make money online from YouTube without having to monetize your channel.

As far as YouTube’s goal is concerned. Youtubers are the next generation of entrepreneurs. They have created themselves into shining beacons.
YouTubers are getting fans and followers from all across the globe. They produce content in the areas of education, entertainment, travel, motivating, and other topics.

Importent factor

The most important aspect of this content is that it provides many people with diverse pieces of information and understanding about the pros and cons of that various topics.

For the younger generation, all of the motivating stuff on YouTube serves as rocket fuel. To inspire thyself for the actual life ahead. They’re receiving a lot of different entrepreneurs as examples. The most important thing is that they can all communicate with one another. They appear to be able to communicate with anyone across the globe. It makes no difference where they live.

Wrapping my article on How to Earn Money On YouTube I must say that making money should not be your primary goal; instead, you should engage people by answering their questions, entertaining them with your videos, or doing unique work in your field to arouse their interest in your work, and then they will subscribe to you and make you their celebrity.

YouTube isn’t a good way to make money. While a precise figure is impossible to provide, you can expect that a video will earn a dollar for every thousand views.

To be allowed into AdSense, a YouTube Creator must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watched hours in the last 12 months, and if you want to make real money, you’ll need hundreds of thousands of views.

As a result, one could conclude that YouTube pays YouTubers a little.
Before I go into detail about how to make money from YouTube without using Google Adsense, Let me explain why I’m changing your view about utilizing AdSense and what the drawbacks are to use AdSense to make money.

Drawbacks of Relying on AdSense as a Source of Income:

1- You are not paid for views:

After monetizing their channel, many people come across this question that what money they’ll get for particular views. Unfortunately, there is no particular answer for that. In Actual, owners of monetized channels get money only when viewers watch 30 seconds add or full add if the ad is shorter than 30 seconds. 

The majority of people use Ad Blockers to avoid ads, which is not for you good in terms of money.

2- Small Channels Don’t Make Enough Money:

According to the guidelines, 1000 views should earn you roughly $1. As a result, for a new YouTube channel with a couple of thousand views every video, that’s not a lot of money.
If you get 2,000 views per day, that’s 60,000 views per month; you may hardly earn $60 per month from this.

3-If you are blocked, you will lose all of your income:

If AdSense drops you from their platform, you’ll lose all of your earnings. That’s why you should vary your money streams to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.

Ways To Make You Earn On YouTube Without AdSense:

  1. Affiliate Marketing

2. Brands Sponsorship

3. Selling Products And Merchandise

4. Getting Donation From Fans and Followers:

1.What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Earn From It?

Without Adsense, becoming an affiliate is the simplest and most common way to make money on YouTube. Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which you sell other people’s products and receive a commission for each item or service sold via a URL linked to your account.

Amazon’s Associate’s Program is the most efficient and simple way to start with because they offer 4 percent commission.

Simply create a video advertising a product and instruct viewers to follow the link in the description if they are interested. If your viewers click your link, you’ll get a commission on everything they buy within the next 24 hours.

2. How Partnership With Brands Help You To Earn Money?

How to Earn Money from YouTube

Brand sponsorships are another wonderful way to monetize YouTube without using Adsense. You can contact brands directly if you want to promote them.
This is how YouTubers make money. You get paid by promoting brands in your videos.

Brands will offer you free things rather than money if you promote their stuff in your videos. You’ll get sponsorship proposals via the contact information you provide in your channel. As a result, you won’t have to look for good products to market.

3.Sell Your Own Goods and Products:

Affiliate programs like Amazon will provide us a higher portion of sales, but what if we want 100% of the earnings and complete control over the money? You’ll have to sell your own items.

There are two options for doing this. You can either find things, acquire them in quantity, and resell them at a profit. Additionally, if you make products, you may use YouTube to sell them on your channel.

You must have a space to store all the items. It’s best to have a team before going to this technique.

4.Getting Donation From Fans and Followers:

You can use sites like Patreon to take donations to help fund your YouTube channel if you’ve acquired a loyal fan base, or you may put your payment information in the description.

Patreon subscribers typically receive additional video material, access to unique live chats/discussion posts, items, and even shoutouts on the channel in exchange for their support.

There’s another terminology called Crowd Funding. Crowdfunding allows you to show off your goods to sponsors all across the world without actually meeting them.


Monetizing with Adsense is no matter, the easiest way to earn money as a YouTuber, But you won’t get much from that. There are other options too which most YouTubers are using nowadays in order to meet their daily living expenses. Now Let’s come across our question of How To Earn Money on YouTube Without AdSense?

I hope this article will help you and you will work on that if you like this article so you can share with your friends

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