Future of Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence means to evoke or promote the ability of human-like thinking in machines. It includes learning, argumentation, and perception. The term Artificial Intelligence was given at the Dartmouth College conference in 1956. The idea of AI was to make the machine capable to take action by itself and achieving the task without being controlled by humans. This intelligence includes two types of learning, Machine learning, and Deep Learning.

Machine learning is a gradual process of learning through experience, So a machine is made able to learn stuff automatically through the experiences of its daily life routine. While deep learning includes learning through texts, images, and videos.

Types of AI:

There are three types of Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence(ANI): Weak AI
  2. Artificial General Intelligence(AGI): Strong AI
  3. Artificial Super Intelligence(ASI): Extraordinary intelligence

Artificial Narrow Intelligence:-

Artificial Narrow Intelligence technology is a weak AI that mimics human thinking but has a certain amount of limitations, which is why they are called Narrow Intelligence. It is used in various fields, for example, the system built-in games like Chess in which the machine automates and takes action by observing the actions being taken by the player on the other side.

Today many technologies are using ANI like Siri and Google Assistant that view stuff like articles and videos based on the observation of user history. Self-Driving Cars are also using technologies like these.

Artificial Generel Intelligence:-

Artificial General Intelligence technology is more closer to human thinkings and takes human behavior like actions. In AGI, the programmer program the machine to make it come to a cognitive state in which it can have its own thoughts, emotions and can process on its own.

Basically, the goal is to make a machine that fully mimics humans in terms of thinking, progressing and to make it able to solve modern problems through a cognitive approach. People are still working on it.

Artificial Super Intelligence:-

Artificial Super Intelligence technology is the type in which the machine has its own emotions, needs, and desires. It has a great memory and faster execution. ASI has a faster ability to analyze data and can effectively recognize images. It makes the machine one step higher than human capabilities. It has not been achieved yet but it is the coolest idea present in the marketplace. It makes the machine have its own hobbies and do the work that it likes to do. Besides this ASI has more theoretical skills than humans, like maths, sciences, and medicines, etc.

Impacts of Future Artificial Intelligence:

Stephen Hawking said that the end of the development made in AI could result in making the machines able to regenerate themselves at an unpredictable rate and this would result in the ending of the entire human race.

As we see today that Artificial Intelligence has taken a step in every industry, whether it is technological or medical. Many companies like Nuro, Ascent, and Tempus are continuously working on improving modern AI. Modern AI has now enabled us to make driverless cars that use sensors and image recognition to make this auto-drive mode more safe and efficient.

There are various fields where Artificial Intelligence has benefitted human beings:

1- Transportation:

AI can help decrease oil consumption, free driver seats, and find a parking area, making marking more safe and easy.

2- Manufacturing:

AI can help in making the product better in designs and deliver items fast, It also helps in packaging and maintaining. Thus, improving manufacturing in many ways.

3-Health Care:

Advanced AI has enabled machines to think for the solutions that a human brain might need time to think and thus making advancements in medicines and machinery used in medical treatments. AI helps to analyze the improvements that patients made during previous days and making reports of them.


AI has enabled educational institutes to work more efficiently and help in evaluating the tests, automatic grading, and making education spread all across the globe thus enabling educators to seek more knowledge.

5- Customer Services:

AI has automated in responding to customers’ questions. AI also helped in the marketing and recommendation of products by analyzing the previous purchases of customers.

Why not evoke Artificial Intelligence:-

The massive disadvantage of Artificial Intelligence is Job displacement. When we look at the past, we see that people were employed to pack the stuff in industries, to maintain the temperature of rooms where the material of industry is kept. In customer services, there employed thousands of humans whom the intelligence has replaced now. Artificial Intelligence is now replacing taxis with driverless cars, enabling the passenger to just enter the destination location.

The other disadvantage that humans will face due to AI is the laziness caused by automating all the works.

Two thousand years ago, Father of Medicine said, “The right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health” But automating all the work can cause many problems like heart diseases, diabetes and can lead to cancer also. Laziness causes humans to feel frustrated and then the age of laziness will cause the life of humans to be decreased thus we can conclude that the age of laziness will kill us.

Tom Chatfield said in his article that we should forget artificial intelligence because what we are working on today is not intelligence but stupidity.

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