Fully Automatic Washing Machine makes washing easy

Fully Automatic Washing Machine makes washing easy

Fully Automatic Washing Machine makes washing easy
Fully Automatic Washing Machine makes washing easy

Fully Automatic Washing Machine| This is the demonstration of a fully automatic machine. They are much-automated washing out there from different brands like SamsungLG, and many other brands. Some of the machines are 6 points 2 kg fully automated washing machine.

The dimensions of some of these machines are 54 centimeters by 94.2 centimeters by 56.8 centimeters. The power consumed by some of this machine is 330 watts. Let’s take a look at the inlet pipe which is the basic thing in an installation.

So when you remove this attach pipe you will see the filter which it has inside. This filter has to be cleaned periodically if that seems to settle in there.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine| There are two ways to operate this machine; one is manually by selecting a particular function. The next one is automatically by selecting a particular function which is already programmed in the machine.

So firstly you will have to put in the clothes, put in the detergent powder close the lid make sure the tap is on. And you can start with the program which you want here whether automatic or manual. You will notice that the buttons which have the soapy water, rinse, pin button, the air turbo button, and water level button. So you can manually select the water level.

The Lid

The lid which bends there, which is again a nice thing let’s quickly discuss the function in detail. Turning on the machine where you see the programs which show eight different functions. With this eight functions apart from you can control the Machine manually.

The fuzzy function

Fully Automatic Washing Machine| Now let’s start with the fuzzy function first. There you see water rinse and spinners on the color. The lights are on there so once you start the machine the machine will calibrate how much load is inside the machine.

And depending on that it will set the water level so this is generally what you will observe in all the automatic machines. Now secondly this machine has a quick option so the quick option will calculate the load and once it has calculated the load.

There you see minimum minutes required, for example, let say the minimum time is 26. So 26 minutes is the minimum time required for the quick wash on this particular model.

The last setting button

The machine also has the last setting button, you have read the last setting button and you will see the light thereon. And once you pressed flame, it will automatically do the last setting which you had turned on the machine.

So this was quick setting, there you will see it automatically notified that the quick setting was the last setting.  If you are using a particular program it will automatically start it. If you’re pressing the last setting button you can press the water level button and manually set the water level.

So in case of the clothes are less or more and if you need to set a particular water level you can, of course, do it with this machine.

The child off feature

Fully Automatic Washing Machine| Once you’ve started the fuzzy feature, you are pressing both the buttons together rinse and spin. There you will see a red color indication which shows the child lock is on. But one thing that you will observe is that you can press any of the buttons when the child off feature is on. This is a downside to any of this machine.

Security feature

The only security which it provides is, once you open the lid the machine will start making an alarm noise which shows that the lid has been opened. Any time you open the lid when the spin is on and there you will see the D error.

So this is a normal safety feature which you can see in all the machines, that when you open the lid it automatically shuts down. These machines have it a minimum minute for washing and also minimum minute for rinsing and other things like spin.

You will notice that some of the machines once you turn on the machine on within one minute it will minimum take six minutes. And sometimes that is a general thing with the entire machine, which means one minute the machine will actually spin.

It is recommended to clean the filter on a 15day basis. The filter size is nice large so it can collect a nice amount of dirt.

The fully automatic washing makes your life easier and you can add, ordered from an online shopping website in India.


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Fully Automatic Washing Machine makes washing easy

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