Dental Implant Cost and benefits of the dental implant

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The days have gone where people used to depend on basic treatment like dentures for multiple missing teeth. Nowadays the Dental Implant treatment is has become a crucial part of the patient’s with multiple numbers of missing teeth.

Whether you have a single missing tooth or multiple, there’s an option for everything.

For single missing teeth, you can opt for a single implant, whereas if you have multiple missing teeth, there’s also an option like all-on-four, all-on-six, and all-on-eight dental implants.

So won’t you like to know more about such a dental technique that helps replace the missing teeth? Essentially the cost and the benefits of this is going to surprise you which I am going to discuss here.

 the Dental Implant cost?

What is the Dental Implant, and How much does it cost?

Dental Implant is a procedure in which the tooth roots are replaced with titanium screws placed into the jaw bone. It is used to replace the missing tooth which has been damaged due to cavities and tooth decay.

The screw is made up of titanium that easily gets fused with the jawbone. The dental implant procedure is the best alternative for dentures and bridges. If I describe it shortly, dental implants act as artificial tooth roots to support your teeth.

After inserting the implant in the jaw bone, the dentists place a crown at the top of the Implant to give it a natural look.

The dental implant functions just like a natural tooth, and the maintenance and care are just like you do for your natural teeth.

When it comes to the cost of dental implants it may differ from clinic to clinic and also based on other factors.

The factors are like facilities provided at the dental clinic, the experience of the dentist, and more. However, on average, the cost of dental implants in Chennai is around 18,000-45,000 INR. You can visit the best dental clinic in Chennai or near you to get the best dental implant treatment.

Mention some benefits of the DI treatment?

There are several benefits of dental implants. Let’s see one by one of them.

DI (Dental Implant) looks and behaves like natural teeth:

The implants appear and function as if they are natural teeth. You can eat your food without caring for the damage of the Implant, and you can also brush and floss your teeth just like natural teeth. They won’t be affected in any way.

DI prevents bone loss:

When there are missing teeth in the jaw, the bone receives no stimulation, and thus the jaw bone goes away. Dental implants are one of those best techniques in dentistry to prevent jaw bone degeneration.

DI are durable:

In many cases, the dental Implant has supported many people for life long. If there is proper care and maintenance of the dental implants, they can sustain up to 10-15 years on a minimum whereas life long for the maximum. Thus the dental implants are durable.

DI enhance your aesthetics:

Skin Sagging is one of the common problems caused due to missing teeth. Dental implants help to prevent skin sagging and enhance facial beauty. It also helps reform your facial structure and supports your jaws too.

DI allows you to eat anything:

Even after having the dental Implant, there are no restrictions on the consumption of your food. You can eat anything just like your natural teeth. There’s no food limit, and you enjoy eating everything.

DI are convenient:

Unlike dentures, you don’t need to remove them again and again while cleaning or brushing. You can maintain it well and take care of it without any discomfort. It is very convenient. In short, when compared to dentures, they are very much convenient.

DI prevents cavities:

As Dental Implants are made up of artificial materials, you don’t need to worry about cavities. In actual dental implants never get decayed. But still, you have to follow certain dental hygiene to prevent yourself from other infections. You need to take care of your implants, just like the natural teeth.

DI prevents gap:

When the other teeth tend to move in the position of the missing teeth the gap left due to the missing teeth can cause misalignment between the teeth. And to prevent such misalignment, dental implants serve as the best option through which your gap is adjusted without affecting your smile.

DI provides strong bite force:

As the dental Implant is adjusted into your jaw bone, you can be casual and need not worry about the bite force you make for the food. You can eat your food casually, just like your natural teeth, and also no need to worry about damages to the dental implants.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implant cost and benefits:

Who isn’t suitable for DI?

Almost everyone is suitable for dental implants, but there are still some people who may not be suitable enough for the treatment, like;

  • People with less jaw bone density.
  • who are addicted to certain medications like drugs or steroids.
  • People who severely clench and grind their teeth are also not suitable for dental implant treatment.

How long do it last?

The dental implant can last up to a minimum of 10-15 years and can even last more.

Can the DI do on the front teeth?

The answer is Yes. The dental Implant can also be done on the front teeth, and they are also the best option to replace your front teeth.

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