Casket found buried on woman’s property in Crosby area

Texas EquuSearch used ground penetrating radar and probed the area to determine a casket was buried under a mound.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A Crosby-area woman is trying to figure out who may have dug an unmarked grave on her property.  

The mystery has turned into an investigation Harris County deputies and Texas EquuSearch are working to solve.  

Miriam Soza, the property owner, says she bought the property next door to Barrett Station Evergreen Cemetery last March.   

She says little did she know what she would later uncover.

“Very crazy. At first, I thought it was just leftover dirt from one of the other graves and it did have flowers on top of it,” said Soz a.

She says she spotted the dirt mound in November and found additional items when she went to check on the property in June.  

“Months later, actually came out to see that they came out and actually put stuff out, like a memorial almost on there,” she said.

Soza said the cemetery next door told her all gravesite plots on their property were accounted for. 

That’s what made her contact the police. 

“Especially if you have no record of it. No one wants to be accountable for it. It could be a crime it could be a missing person. That’s the scary part,” she said.

Harris County deputies called on the expertise of Texas Eqqusearch who used ground penetrating radar on the area.  

Mark Edwards said the machinery did detect something was there. 

Edwards says to dig up what could be a gravesite is a lengthy process that involves the courts.  

Soza said her hope is to track down the family of whoever may be buried there to expedite the process.

“Just want anyone with information to come forward with this. Let us know. Solve this mystery,” she said. 

KHOU 11 Reached out to Barrett Station Evergreen Cemetery who declined to comment. 

If you have any information that can shed some light, contact HCSO Homicide at 713-274-9100.

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