Best free keyword research tools that big companies use ( 2022 )

free keyword research tools

Introduction – best free keyword research tools

If you are a student and want to start a blog then you must have come across a “word keyword research”.after that, you found out that most SEO tools are paid. But, there are some free keyword research tools that big companies use. I use these tools myself and if you are seeing this post then it means it’s worth it.

The tools that I’ve listed below are very accurate and they are free.

without keyword research, it is almost impossible for your blog to rank on google. without using high volume and low competition keywords inside your blogpost Google won’t even know what is inside your blog no matter how excellent it is.

But as you know keyword research can be expensive.

if you are a big company or enterprise then you can afford it. But as an individual starting his journey doesn’t want to or cannot invest yet it becomes very hard to afford a paid keyword research tool.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss how to do keyword research for free to rank top on google.

Free keyword research tools

The best free keyword research tools that we are going to discuss are listed below.

  • keywords everywhere ( chrome extension )
  • ubersuggest
  • answer the public
  • Keyword Sheeter
  • Google Trends

Keywords Everywhere – Free keyword research tools

keywords everywhere is a free keyword research tool and a chrome extension when using keywords everywhere whenever you use one of the following websites you will see SEO data such as search volume, trend data, cost per click, competition, and related searches below are some images of how you will see it.

however their data is not that accurate but still, they provide some good features like you can see all the data right on google or wherever you are surfing the internet right now.

  • google search
  • youtube
  • amazon
  • bing
  • eBay
  • soovle
  • answer the public

when you will use google search you will see SEO data like this if you have enabled keywords everywhere extension.

keywords everywhere

Ubersuggest – Free keyword research tools


Ubersuggest is also a free keyword research tool but unlike keywords everywhere, their data is quite accurate and they are a web application so you will have to go on their website to get SEO data.

In Ubersuggest You can find the right keywords, analyze a website, and even analyze a single post all this for 100% free.

Below are the types of data that they provide.

  • If you are analyzing a website
    • Top-ranking pages
    • Top keywords for which a post is ranking
    • Estimated visits of a page
    • Backlinks
    • social media traffic
    • see data country-wise and much more
  • if you are doing keyword research
    • google trend data
    • search volume
    • cost per click
    • competition
    • Search results for keyword
    • filter results by volume, cost per click, or competition
    • see data country-wise and much more
  • if you are analyzing a single post
    • you can see all the keywords for which that post is ranking
    • you can see the volume of those keywords
    • you can see the estimated visits on that post because of the keyword
    • see data country-wise and much more

isn’t all these features just amazing and all of it just for free is even more amazing.

all that data is very accurate also.

now the bad part is that it only allows you to get this data only three times a day but you can always make several accounts to cross that limit.

Answer the public – Free keyword research tools

answer the public

AnswerThePublic is a great free keyword research tool that can help you a lot in SEO it will show you raw search insights. After you enter your search term(s), you can look at the questions people are asking related to the topic you entered. You can see the results in a graphic display with all the who, what, where, when, why and other question terms people ask on google.

It’s a powerful free keyword research tool to generate keyword ideas and long-tail keywords and see what the peoples on the internet want to know. If you found what you were looking for You can always download the data as a graph or a list.

despite being a very good tool it also has some cons as almost everything in this world has its pros and cons.

its only con is that using this tool you can only search three times a day, but you can always create several accounts to increase that limit.

Keyword Sheeter – To see what people are searching

Keyword Sheeter is the second most usable and powerful free keyword research tool it works by showing autocomplete results from Google. It can deliver real-time data of people typing into the search engine, so you could know what is being searched the most on google right now.

If you don’t have much time and want to generate a long list of keyword ideas as fast as you can, Keyword Sheeter can be a life saver for you it is an excellent choice. It can show about 1,000 ideas per minute, and the best part is that exporting your list is absolutely free.

It’s a very simple to use and powerful resource to identify ideas for blog post topics. However, the free features of Keyword Sheeter do not include search volume or data on how competitive it is to rank for a phrase.

but you can use other free keyword research tools to get data on those phrases. I personally recommend you to use this tool it can make your blog fly like a rocket.

Google Trends – Free tool to see ongoing trends

Google Trends is a free tool to see what is trending right now it will show you graphs and data on search terms that you enter data will be shown country-wise or worldwide and this data is collected from Google and YouTube.

When you will enter a search term on the homepage of google trends, it will provide you with a list from Google by default. On the results page, you can always change your options to see results from YouTube instead you can also change the country and from which date or time you want to see the data it can even show data from the past hour. It also offers trends from Google Shopping, Images, and News.

Google Trends can be used to

  • Identify what’s currently trending
  • Discover local search trends
  • Graphing the public interest in a topic over a range of time
  • See where a topic is most popular

Google Trends can be very useful to identify keywords that are rising in popularity and avoid terms that people are forgetting about. However, It won’t provide you with data on monthly search volume or competition.

but you can always use other tools to get data on search volume and competition.


if you are just starting something there is no need to invest in it in the initial stage. you can use the premium tools once you generate some profit.

till then you can always rely on free tools such as the tools listed above.

premium tools just provide every feature that all of them provide in one place without any limits but you can combine these tools to get even greater results than those premium tools

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