12 Facebook messenger games to play with friends

in this article, I will tell you 12 Facebook messenger games to play with friends Facebook Messenger, widely called Messenger, is a standalone application that allows Android and iOS users to communicate.

Apart from offering in-app interactive football and basketball games, Messenger offers more through Messenger. Facebook is, without doubt, the most used social media service as measured by the active accounts of users. FB is accessible on laptops, desktops as well as tablet computers, and smartphones. it has been on the market for over 13 years.

It is estimated that 1.94 billion people are registering on social media sites all over the world. Messenger is the sole provider of entertainment for the needs of 1.2 billion people. In November of last year, Facebook released a closed beta version of Instant Games, giving the users the chance to play the latest arcade games. Following the success of the testing, Facebook has made it accessible to everyone. Over 40 different games are now available to players of the app from all across the globe.

Anyone can access games by pressing the gamepad controller in the chat menu located at the bottom of iOS. In Android, you need to tap the game controller icon on the right-hand side of the menu in the application. Of all the titles offered as Messenger games, a few of the most popular Facebook Messenger games.

12 best Facebook messenger games to play with friends

Ludo King

Ludo King is another great board game you can play with your family and friends online. It is played by four players, in which each player is given the color of their choice and four pieces. The game’s goal is to move each of your pieces around the board and then reach the tile between. It’s a simple concept, but it could be very frustrating as other players may take you back to the home base if they are upon the same tiles. If you’ve never played Ludo previously, you should undoubtedly try Ludo King in Facebook Messenger to begin.

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Board game LudoBoard game Ludo

Uno is best fb messenger games

The well-known card game Uno has likely been the reason for many disputes between your family members and you. As a result, it is now available as a Facebook Messenger game. For those who aren’t aware, Uno is a card game where the primary goal is to clear all cards you have in your hands before your opponents can accomplish this. It is played with an exclusive deck of cards designed specifically for the game and comes with unique cards, such as Skip Reverse and Draw Two or Draw Four and Wild. With Uno on Facebook Messenger, you can relive those childhood memories and have fun with your old acquaintances, even when they’re far away.


The next game is a simple and easy game called basketball, where the primary goal is to throw the basketball through a hoop repeatedly until you fail. The number of instances you can hit the ball successfully is your score, and Facebook friends will beat that score on their own. It’s an easy game; however, since the basket is constantly changing positions, you’ll have to play a minimum of two games to become familiar with the control buttons. Although it’s an individual game on Messenger and Messenger, you can enable it by sending the basketball emoji by tapping it repeatedly.

Pac Man is best fb messenger games

Pac-Man is a classic game from the 1980s and was developed by the well-known game manufacturer Bandai Namco. It is among the longest-running series of video games.
It is available alongside Other Messenger games. Anyone can enjoy the same feel and feel of the original game because not a single aspect has been changed in the game. However, beware of the four foes Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, as you explore the maze in Pac-Man.

8 Ball Pool is best fb messenger games

The most played virtual pool game called 8 Ball Pool- is available on Facebook Messenger, allowing users to play a fast round of pool along with Facebook friends. Three different game modes are comprising 8 Ball Pool and 9 Ball Pool and the QuickFire mode. Although you’re able to participate in games in the 9 Ball Pool and 8 Ball Pool and 9 Ball Pool modes with a buddy, however, you can also take on the QuickFire mode all by yourself to improve the pool game. To know details about how to play 8 ball pool on messenger read more.

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Quiz Planet

Are you a lover of trivia games? Then, you should try Quiz Planet – a fun game of trivia that can be played with a group of friends. You can pick from a wide range of topics and challenge your fellow players to solve questions based on the subject. Both of you will be asked the same questions and answer the questions within a specified time frame. When you’re finished with the test, you’ll be able to check your scores and find out who took the top spot. It can also be played even when none of your friends is online because the game tracks your answers and then compares them to your peers’ responses after they have submitted their answers.

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is another fantastic game that I remember playing in my college days. It’s a twist of the old-fashioned word game Scrabble, and instead of playing on a board, you can play it on a computer with your pals. The game requires you to fill your board by using the letters you have in your tile bags, and for every word you play, you’ll earn points based on the words you play and the tiles you use on the board you put them on. This game is a fantastic exercise in vocabulary and strategy simultaneously, as well as a great game to play when you’re bored.


EverWing is an arcade-style shooting game where you control a fairy who shoots bullets at waves and waves of monsters coming towards her. The controls are simple. You simply need to control the movements. However, you have to be quick to react, or else you’ll end up crashing onto one of them. The monsters are successfully destroyed drop coins, and you must collect them and avoid projectiles that are coming towards you. EverWing is a one-player game that does provide a leaderboard, where you can check your score to the scores of your fellow players.

Draw Something

Draw Something is a great classic, also known as Pictionary, which has been repackaged as an online game that can be played on Facebook Messenger. It tests your drawing ability by providing you with an unspecified word you need to draw. The sketch is then passed over to the person you’re playing with, and they must figure out the correct drawing. Do not worry if you’re confident enough in your drawing abilities, as poor graphics can provoke amazing reactions.

Connect the Dots

Have you ever played Flow on Android? Then, Connect the Dots is the same thing, but with the same name, but with a different title. The primary objective for the game is like its name implies it is to connect the same-colored dots onto a checkered table. The only thing you have to do is draw lines between them. However, be mindful of the route you choose; otherwise, you may fail to join any dots across the table. While the first levels may appear simple, later levels are sure to be challenging, and you’ll need to think about each group before drawing the first line.

Ninja Go

Ninja Go is a simple and enjoyable puzzle game that lets you play the role of a Ninja that must gather dots across various levels. The controls are simple to grasp and require you to move your finger in the direction you would like to go. However, the levels get more complex and contain more obstacles, making the player a challenging test. To be able to beat the game, you’ll need a ninja-like swiping ability, or else you’ll be a victim due to the growing number of obstacles.


Hanger is a fantastic game similar to Flappy Bird; no, you aren’t able to control a flying bird. The game is just brutal. In the game, you are a character who must Spiderman to get over obstacles using hanging off the roof. Although it appears to be simple, however, it’s tough to master and will make you pull out your (or somebody else’s) hair within a matter of minutes. Try Hanger when you’re in the market for a relaxing and enjoyable game to keep you entertained.

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