8 Tips To Become A Pro Cell Phone Repair Shop Technician

Are you working in a cell phone repair shop? in this article, I will tell you How To Become A Pro Cell Phone Repair Shop Technician. Do you want to secure that employee of the month badge?

If your answer is yes to both of these questions, then you have come to the right place.

Being a  repair shop employee is more than checking in customers through your cell phone repair shop software. And if you are a repair technician, it means that you are the essence of the business.

So, be on top of your game. Also, ensure that every repair job that comes in is done efficiently and correctly.

We have compiled a list of valuable tips for all repair shop technicians. It will help you become a pro in no time.

For people who are ignorant of this, it is an important lesson to learn. For people who already know this, it’s time to revise your tactics.

8 Tips To Become A Pro Cell Phone Repair Shop Technician

It’s always good to have a set of rules and ethics no matter which field you are working in. It ensures the safety and professionalism that provides customer satisfaction. this article is about to Follow These 8 Tips To Become A Pro Cell Phone Repair Shop Technician

Follow These 8 Tips To Become A Pro Cell Phone Repair Shop Technician
8 Tips To Become A Pro Cell Phone Repair Shop Technician

1. Have The Necessary Tools for Cell Phone Repair

An ideal workstation should have all the necessary tools required for repairs. Since cell phone repair is pretty vast, many unique tools are needed with the common ones.

So a good technician should have specialized tools and equipment to do specific repair procedures/tasks. And you will stay motivated to do all your tasks on time.

As the wise Thomas Carlyle has said, man is an animal that uses tools. Without these tools, he can’t do anything, and with these tools, he can do everything.

2. Keep Track Of Your Dismantling Steps

Always remember the steps you take to dismantle a device. It will help you in reassembling the device.

For example, at times, the device that is taken in through the POS software is complicated. It has a lot of screws and tiny parts that you have to take out. Now, if you don’t remember the steps of dismantling, chances are you might not know at the end of the repair which part goes where.

So, to avoid this remember the steps of dismantling and follow the exact way to resemble the device. Otherwise, you will miss something and end up wasting your time.

Furthermore, while disassembling and reassembling, be extra cautious about the LCD. It is an extremely delicate part of a device. If you end up damaging it, you will cost the repair business an extra repair. And the client won’t even pay for it.

So, a pro technician needs to be careful and efficient.  

3. Replacing All The Screws Back

When you put the screws back after fixing the device, replace them in their respective slots.

If you have misplaced a screw due to carelessness, use the same screws to replace the old ones. Make sure the size, type, and shape are the same. Otherwise, it won’t go in the slot, and you may end up damaging the threads in the slot. Or worse, you might damage the whole slot.

Also, remember that devices with missing screws are not appealing to the eyes. It imbalances the alignment of the device. So, follow all the SOPs set by the repair shop.

For extra efficiency, the SOPs should be available in the repair shop POS software so that all the technicians have access to it.

4. Keep The Work Area Clean in Cell Phone Repair center

It is imperative that you keep your workstation neat and clean. An unorganized and dirty workstation reflects on your character as well as your manners. In addition, a clean ambiance will help you stay focused and work more efficiently.

And it will give way better results. To increase your output, organize all the tools according to the need.

For instance, the screwdrivers should be organized according to sizes in place; the micro soldering iron should be on the other side, and so on. Use a magnetic mat as well. It will keep you organized and will keep all the tiny components of the devices safe. You won’t end up losing screws and small parts.

5. All The Spares Should Be Available

When you start repairing a device, ensure that you have all the parts that you need.

It’s a massive advantage if you keep spare parts of common devices in stock. So, if a device comes in for repair, you can instantly repair it and give it back to the customer.

In addition, a pro technician looks for ways to save time because it is highly needed in this competitive market.

Even if you don’t have a spare part that needs to be replaced in the device, you can create a special parts order while creating a ticket in your repair shop software.

6. Keep The SIM Card And Memory Card Safely

When you take a customer’s handset for repair, keep the SIM card and the memory card safely. Of course, you can also give it to the customer. But if the customer doesn’t take it, it’s your job to keep it safe.

It’s better if you keep it in a separate box with the name of the customer and device. You can also use the receipt number if that is easier for you.

It will make it convenient for you to give it back to the customer when they come back. You won’t have to huddle through your drawers and waste time looking for it.  

7. Ensure That The Data Of The Customer Is Secure

When you repair a device, ensure that you don’t delete the data on it. If the customer wants the data removed, that’s totally different.

Because mostly, the data on the device is way more important than the actual device. Always make a backup of the data and take the customer’s consent before doing it. It is usually required when you have to factory reset a device.

It will help you avoid disputes at the end when the customer comes in to pick up their device.  

8. Take Assistance From The Internet

The internet is a total treasure of knowledge. If you don’t know how to fix a device, look for a solution online.

There is a straightforward solution for a specific problem in most cases, and you may not know it. And there is even a possibility that you will get a surprise that the problem is fixed in a few simple steps. All that will be possible by looking online.

While looking for solutions on Google, ensure that you do all three searches, image, text, and video.

People who are proactive reach more significant milestones soon. A little efficiency and responsibility from your side can make you win that employee of the month badge.

Final Word for Cell Phone Repair

Following these tips thoroughly will make you a pro technician in no time. In addition, you will win the confidence of not only the customers but also the repair shop owner.

So, get on the train to win that badge today!

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